Online Casino Ontario: Brief History of Gambling in the Province

Only the province of Ontario in Canada currently provides its residents with access to a legally supervised and controlled online gaming market. After the establishment of a competitive and open market in April 2022, the province of Ontario is now home to a number of legally operating online casinos. The government of Ontario gave permission for internet casinos to begin providing their services as long as they registered with iGaming Ontario and signed a contract with the agency. Let’s take a closer look at the online casino Ontario history below.

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Glimpse into the History of Ontario Gambling

The year 1993 marked the beginning of the modern gaming culture in Ontario. This was a time when there was no such thing as online gambling, and the options available in the province were extremely limited. The establishment of the very first casino for profit brought about this development. It was going to be called the Casino Windsor, and it guaranteed to bring a great deal of money and employment opportunities to the area, despite the fact that some people were opposed to the idea.

Some others referred to it as a “tax on the poor,” pointing to the fact that individuals who are financially struggling have a greater propensity to gamble and are more likely to develop gambling-related issues.

The Development of Online Casino Ontario

When 2010 rolled around, the government of Ontario turned its focus to online gambling and the dozens of offshore websites that did not pay taxes but were being used by its citizens to gamble online. They intended to collect their cut of the earnings from online play in the same way that land-based casinos, of which there were dozens located all over the province at this time due to the meteoric rise in popularity of gambling at this point in time.

The motivation behind the creation of was the desire to “repatriate the online gaming proceeds routed to offshore internet gambling sites.” OLG is an abbreviation that stands for “Ontario Lottery and Gaming,” and this company is the driving force behind the gambling business in the Canadian province of Ontario. Because it is one of the few online gambling sites in the world that is specialized to a certain province, access to the website is restricted to anyone who are at least 19 years old and live in the province of Ontario.

Online Casino Ontario: FAQ

What are the rules for online casino Ontario?

The AGCO ­– the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario – governs the province of Ontario’s gambling, liquor, and horse racing industries. The AGCO makes sure gambling businesses care about the public as much as they care about making money. Slot machines, gaming and lottery management systems are also subjected to rigorous testing, approval, and monitoring to ensure player safety and the integrity of the games.

What is the minimum age to gamble legally in the province of Ontario?

In the province of Ontario, the minimum age to gamble is 19. This holds true regardless of whether you want to gamble at a live casino or at an online casino Ontario offering real money games.

Will I have to pay taxes on any earnings I get from gambling in the online casino Ontario?

Your earnings from gaming in an online casino Ontario are not subject to taxation under any circumstances. If gambling is the only method you can make money, you run the risk of having your winnings subject to taxation. If you are not a successful poker pro or other form of professional gambler, then the money you win shouldn’t be subject to taxation. When preparing your tax return, it is important to check with a tax specialist, such as your accountant or another tax professional.