Jan. 28, 2004

Nava News Article

Re: Canadian Duality Flag

A flag is an identity, and in the case of a national flag, it is an identity of who we are as a people. Canada is a diversified multicultural society, having two official languages: English and French.

The Canadian Duality Flag symbolizes our linguistic duality, thereby instilling pride and creating a stronger bond between English and French-Canada. It promotes unity and harmony across the land.

Canada gained official bilingual status in 1969, but to this date, there is not one symbol that truly reflects our duality. The Canadian Duality Flag recognizes the bilingual nature of our great country. The red represents the English fact in Canada while 25% of the borders are recoloured blue to represent the French fact in Canada. The Maple Leaf symbolizes our great land, its vast territory and natural resources, and notably the First Nations who are one with the land.

What about our national emblem?

Should Canada renew its national symbol, after all it was created in 1964 and adopted in 1965, barely 40 years ago? Reflecting our linguistic duality on our national emblem would have positive results and make our distinctive Maple Leaf flag even more beautiful, all without losing our own identity.

The lack of recognition and identity of the French fact in Canada has already led to two divisive referendums which potentially could have split-up the country in 1980 and 1995. English and French-speaking Canadians were drawing lines behind the red or the blue, when in fact, we are both. Attempts, to reconcile and recognize our duality, have ended in failure with the defeated Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords in 1990 and 1992. Furthermore, these may have required constitutional reform.

Renewing our flag merely requires an Act of Parliament, yet it would be a daily reminder of our true identity, instilling pride and creating a stronger bond between us. Moreover, renewing our flag to reflect our duality, we should want to do it and not have to do it, otherwise we would be doing it for the wrong reason. We believe that Canadians still have their hearts in the right place.

Canadian Duality Flags are presently flying across Canada from Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Victoria, British Columbia.

For more information, please refer to our web site: www.trcf.ca , read the 'Open Letter' to the Governor General in "QuickStart" for a general review, and the two last comments of 2003 in Comments 2000+.

Hank Gigandet

TRCF Committee


(TRCF = The Renewed Canadian Flag for Canadian Unity and Linguistic Duality.)